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HOURS OF OPERATION: Every Day from 12:00P.M to 10:00P.M. | ADDRESS: 11860 Stapleton Dr, Peyton, CO 80831

Craftbrew.com published an article by Jess Baker entitled “5 Questions Brewers Wish You Would Ask During a Brewery Tour”

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We decided to be proactive and provide you the answers to these questions that we wish you would ask!

I interviewed JAKs Brewmaster and owner, Ken Trousdale, as well as brewers Patrick , Matt Trousdale, and owner Alex Escarcega for their answer to “The Five Questions.”

Question 1. How is your beer connected to the local area?

JAKs has ties to the Army Air Force 310th Bombardment Group from WWII.  Its relationship with today’s 310th Space Wing and Schriever and Peterson AF Bases continues.  Our beers tie heritage with community providing a mechanism for our neighbors to come together and enjoy a hand crafted beverage.

Question 2. What’s unique about your beer? Why is it relevant?

Our beer is unique in the sense of its military heritage, strong, bold and “Aggressive” as in our business motto.  The passion and dedication to our artisan beer making is what matters most and what brings us all together!  Our beers represent years of tradition and tell a story of where we came from and why community is important.

Question 3. Which beer was JAKs first craft beer?

Like most creative moments, they’re born out of necessity and drive to improve on existing examples.  This drive caused Scrappy to experiment with some of his existing recipes to create a highly hopped IPA.  After four major hop additions and a few boil overs we created our JAKRabbit IPA.  In an attempt to not take ourselves too seriously we called it JAKRabbit; it hopped at least 4 times.

Question 4: Is working at a brewery different than you thought it would be?

No, it’s exactly what we expected and honestly hoped for.  We create beer designed to be enjoyed while bringing our community together, relaxing, talking and making new friends.  At times it may be time consuming and challenging but in the end it is an amazing and rewarding opportunity.

Question 5:  What efforts do you make to be environmentally friendly?

JAKs, from day one has been focused on finding effective ways to repurpose our exhausted grains.  We provide local farmers and ranchers our used grains to feed cattle and a multitude of local farm animals.  We also reuse our water in multiple brewing processes from cooling to cleaning.  This keeps our costs down and provides a feed source to our community, it’s a win – win!